A More Eco-friendly Packaging with Blood+Bone Poly Mailer

An Effort to Become An Eco-Friendly Fashion Brand

A More Eco-friendly Packaging with Blood+Bone Poly Mailer

At Blood+Bone, we believe in using our platform to be a positive influence on the world. We pride ourselves as a contemporary fashion brand determined to give back to our community and our planet. In doing so, we keep working on protecting nature and creating a healthy community, especially in Bali.

Reusable packaging is an option to significantly reduce environmental impacts. This kind of packaging offers a more sustainable alternative to single-use packaging that may contribute to the waste issue. For such purposes, we are proud to introduce our new poly mailer.

Our new mailers will be our new standard of packaging. We use recycled poly mailers that are easily recyclable and reusable with custom tear strips. It’s one of our committed efforts in the direction of becoming a sustainable and eco-friendly fashion brand.

The poly mailers are made of recycled resources with a lower carbon footprint than paper and bioplastic alternatives. The mailers protect the product firmly as the materials are resistant to moisture, tear, and tamper. Its durability and density make it a perfect packaging to safely ship soft goods, like garment products.

With these mailers, we also aim to use fewer materials for shipping and packing. The durability makes poly mailers effective in packaging more items in one go than other packaging materials. They are also lighter to ship, so the overall transit emissions are also reduced.

The recycled material used to make these mailers can be further recycled a few more times. Therefore, we encourage our customers to put them into nearby recycle systems when those mailers cannot be reused anymore. By recycling, we can help save energy on sourcing and processing new raw materials.

Using recyclable and reusable poly mailers is a small step toward becoming a sustainable and eco-friendly fashion brand that we are proud of. We keep exploring more sustainable options to be incorporated into our brand. Our journey is far from finished; as our brand grows, we will continue seeking ways to give back to our community and environment — this side of paradise.

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