Launched with Love: Blood+Bone Kids

Blood+Bone Kids, Bali-based fashion brand for kids

Launched with Love: Blood+Bone Kids

Blood+Bone has officially launched the anticipated childrenswear line, Blood+Bone Kids, starting from December 2021. New arrivals from the Bali-based fashion brand for kids are now available in stores and on our official website. A brand new kids section has also been added to our catalogue. This launch is a part of our continuous effort to deliver contemporary summer-inspired fashion for everyone, including the little ones.  

Blood+Bone Kids introduces summer-inspired outfits for kids with warm colours, tropical artworks, and matching sets. The new childrenswear line, aimed at children aged 1 to 8, will include basic outfits and on-trend styles. The collection will also incorporate unique designs that share Blood+Bone’s original design and artworks to make complementary pairs.

Blood+Bone Kids brings out a little side of paradise to your little ones. The clothes and designs of our Bali-based fashion brand for kids are inspired by the storied beauty of Bali and the tiny human beings we love. Each garment is made with extra care and enhanced focus on anticipating children’s needs. For that reason, we use soft yet durable fabrics with strong stretchability to guarantee the products are long-lasting and comfortable.

Echoing the refined craftsmanship of the original fashion line, Blood+Bone Kids also inherits the core design of Blood+Bone that balances functionality and aesthetics. The nautical colour palette is a recurring theme alongside a tropical-inspired all-over print and neutral look. Moreover, the design imbues enticing stories about Bali and its people. Every detail is meticulously thought of for extra convenience.

First arrivals from this Bali-based fashion brand for kids include basic tees, all-over-print sets, and neutral sets. Cheeky Monkey Tee, made of 100% cotton in a super-soft wash, is available in four vibrant colors. Meanwhile, Mess Around Set consists of fashion-fitted linen shirts and shorts that are available in sets or separately. Check out more products on the Blood+Bone Kids catalogue for a trip down the little side of paradise.

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