How the Colors of Bali Find Manifestations in Blood+Bone Designs

The Colors of Bali in this side of paradise

How the Colors of Bali Find Manifestations in Blood+Bone Designs

Colors, along with patterns and motifs, are vital in the socio-cultural life in Bali. They play significant roles in defining Balinese culture and visual identity, as they possess symbolic meaning derived from divine sources. Those colors of Bali, which make up everything from daily attire to traditional crafts, are inspired by the synergy between humanity, nature, and the universe in a sacred union.

The Sacred Colors that Inspire

The colors of Balinese crafts, arts, and costumes are closely related to religious elements. Balinese people value colors and patterns with in-depth philosophies of life. Take the Poleng motif, for example. This black-and-white checkered pattern that we usually see in religious ceremonies and sacred rituals symbolizes the dualism of life.]

The Poleng motif and its philosophy inspired Blood+Bone when we designed the Checkmate set for our men’s collection. We add a twist to the checkered pattern, making the design flow freely into the fit. The set, consisting of a short-sleeve rayon shirt and cotton shorts, takes the contrasting pattern and color into more than a mere artwork but a gentle reminder of Balinese philosophy.

The Colors of Bali - Poleng motif adapted into Checkmate Shirt & Shorts
Checkmate Shirt & Checkmate Shorts

Another familiar color scheme in Bali is Tridatu — the juxtaposition of red, white, and black. Balinese people use the Tridatu combination for religious ceremonies as well. However, it is more common in the sacred talisman, Gelang Tridatu — a yarn bracelet intertwining the color scheme. People believe that this color combination symbolizes the highest Balinese Hindu deities, the Tri Murthi.

The colors of Tridatu serve as a source of inspiration for some of our tie-dye collections. Scorpio Rising Dress manifests the colors of Tridatu into its two variants — the black and rose one. Solitaire Dress also embodies the color scheme into its two alternatives — black and coral. The color mixture is combined with a modern rendition of tie-dye wash that has also been known as one of the oldest textile arts used in Bali.

The manifestation of Balinese iconic color combination into Blood+Bone designs is a part of our appreciation towards Balinese art that serves as our inspiration. These visual representations embody our commitment to retelling the storied beauty of Bali through fashion.

The Colors of Nature

Aside from the religious colors, Balinese people also adopted the colors of their surroundings into their everyday clothes. The colors of traditional costumes reflect the beautiful nature in Bali — from the coastal colors, the tint of tropical elements, to the hues of rice fields. At Blood+Bone, we also take inspiration from the natural colors of Bali into our designs.

The island has always been a massive inspiration for Blood+Bone design. Each product is designed with the true beauty of Bali in mind — from the endless summer, the wonders of nature, to the hospitable people. Blood+Bone’s products are meant to be a contemporary keepsake for those seeking to cherish the memory of this side of paradise.

Take Venom Set, for example. The soft tan color reminds us of the limestone and gold-sanded beaches in the Southern side of Bali. To emulate the coastal texture, we use poly-spandex fabric in manufacturing the knitted top and skirt.

The Colors of Bali - Venom Top & Skirts
Venom Top & Venom Skirt

Syco Tee from our Summer 21 Collection is inspired by the clear summer sky — blue on the outskirts with white clouds. We utilize the tie-dye wash to bring the palette together. The cotton fabrication in a vintage soft wash feels breezy while giving the illusion of a smooth, cloudy texture.

The Colors of Bali - Syco Tee
Syco Tee

Cheap Shot Shirt and Mustang Shirt perpetuate the picturesque vistas of Bali into a recurring artwork. Palm trees lining up on the beaches are postcard imagery of classic Bali. We attempt to pour this mental image into our matching collection. We turn the palm trees into an all-over print design to emulate the feeling of witnessing tropical palm tree groves.

There are handprints of Bali’s colorful nature everywhere in our products. As a 100% local fashion brand, we are committed to telling the storied beauty of the island to the world. We take that inspiration to those craving exceptional sensory experiences.

This Side of Paradise

This side of paradise is our inspiration and identity altogether. More importantly, it is our cherished home. For that reason, we dedicate the catchphrase to the T.S.O.P. Tee collection.

T.S.O.P. (This Side of Paradise) is designed as a casual attire to wander around the wonder of the world. Available in lilac and black color, the tee channels the fiery Balinese energy to bring around when traveling the globe. At the same time, it will remind us of where the home is — on this side of paradise.

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