Blood+Bone Bali at Savaya’s First Friday

Blood+Bone Bali in First Friday, a Bali local brand event

Blood+Bone Bali at Savaya’s First Friday

Blood+Bone traveled all the way to the southern tip of Bali for a collaborative adventure. We went to Savaya Bali for their monthly First Friday exhibition on October 1, 2021. We were stoked to participate in this pop-up event because it blends together music, arts, foods, and culture by Bali local brands —something that we pride ourselves on. Also, the thought of setting up a store on top of a limestone cliff overlooking the magnificent Indian Ocean was just too good to be true.

We brought a piece of our store along with the finest items from Blood+Bone Summer 21 Collections and beyond. The sun-soaked venue perched on a cliff made a perfect setting to flaunt our latest collections. Moreover, the brilliant horizon complemented our products with all the nautical colors, exotic prints, and endless summer vibes. 

A Sunshiny Day, thick with an ocean’s breeze and the distant roar of waves, added to the festivity. The atmosphere albeit smaller and more casual in scale took everyone by surprise. It reminded us of the good old Uluwatu vibe that we had a few years ago.

During the daylight hours, the fashion pop-up market took the spotlight. We took this moment to put our Summer 21 Collections on a show. New arrivals, including our latest playsuits — Lone Star, Lost Angel, and Sun Glaze. After which, DJ sets starred local powerhouses, Devarra, Boyd, and Flip, ushered in the after-dark session.

After some period that has rendered us baffled and uncertain, this feels like a breath of fresh air. This was the first opportunity in a long time that Blood+Bone has participated to share positive vibes with intimate crowds of like-minded folks.

The scene felt uplifting and heartwarming, even when the get-together offered a different look than the ones we used to have before. Complete health and safety protocols were put into effect at all times. However, enthusiasm amongst the crowds never falters. This gave us a new sense of optimism that Bali fashion brands and other local enterprises can still thrive.

Now that we have returned to where we belong, Blood+Bone cannot wait to welcome everyone back. We carry out strict health protocols in every store and have all our crews fully vaccinated. Come and discover our stores in Bali, in a location near you. 

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