Year in Retrospect: 2021 for Blood+Bone Bali

Blood+Bone, Bali-based fashion brand

Year in Retrospect: 2021 for Blood+Bone Bali

As the year draws to an end, Blood+Bone is looking back on 2021. The year that, once again, was associated with the global pandemic. This year was defined by further exercises of new habits and ways of life to ensure the health and safety of everyone. However, during this unprecedented time, we have been able to commit as a Bali-based fashion brand to deliver contemporary essentials for everyone and give back to our community, especially in Bali.

Walking Down the Memory Lane

In 2021, Blood+Bone launched our Summer21 collection, a Bali-inspired clothing collection characterised by nautical colours, tropical artworks, and beach-bound allover prints. The Summer 21 Collections, took inspiration from the recent summer, in which most people spent the sunny season at home and reminisced about a sunny day at Bali’s beaches. We aspire to bring favourite Bali dresses and outfits to those who missed the island of gods.

At the end of the year, we also launched Blood+Bone Kids, a Bali-based fashion brand for kids available in our stores and online. It is a part of our ongoing effort to deliver up-to-date summer-inspired fashion for everyone, including the little ones. This childrenswear line introduces basic outfits and on-trend styles characterised by warm colours, matching sets, and Blood+Bone’s original design.

We are also proud to have contributed to the acceleration of the COVID vaccination program by the local government by helping vaccinate our staff. The vaccination programs complement our enhanced health & safety protocols that have been continuously implemented until now. During PPKM (emergency community restrictions) period, Blood+Bone supported our local community by providing food banks and donations of basic necessities for those in need.  

2021 has also marked a vital step for us to venture further as an eco-conscious fashion brand in Bali. We launched The Eco Collection initiative with the arrival of our Nuisance Tee made of biodegradable bamboo fabric. Furthermore, we have also introduced a new standard of packaging using recycled, compostable & reusable poly mailers. Those efforts are our small steps into becoming a more sustainable clothing brand. For that reason, we keep exploring more sustainable options to be incorporated into our brand in the future.

Last but not least, we significantly revamped our website with a new design to give a more seamless experience in discovering everything about Blood+Bone, from our products, our stores, and our stories.⁠ The newly redesigned site allows customers to browse our catalogues effortlessly with a smoother interface, shop our online boutique comfortably and securely, as well as read through our blogs to learn more about us.

Turning the Page into A New Year

As we turn the page of a challenging year full of opportunities, Blood+Bone looks ahead with optimism and hope. In the upcoming year, we seek to expand our goals further and explore more opportunities to grow as the leading Bali-based fashion brand. We will start the new year with numerous fresh looks and engaging programs.

Blood+Bone will further explore and incorporate the storied beauty of Bali into our products. Additionally, we always keep an eye on the latest fashion trends and related issues to bring the new season for our beloved customers in 2022. Our quest for fresh styles will further extend our range of collections for both Blood+Bone and Blood+Bone Kids.

In our effort to give back to the local community, we will be working with non-profit organizations supporting children in need around Bali. We also have some sustainability programs planned for 2022. Expect more eco-conscious products and programs, including a further expansion of The Eco Collection initiative, to come.

Last but foremost, we are delighted to announce that we have fully completed the redevelopment process of our Ubud store. Furthermore, we are also glad to share the news about our new flagship store in Canggu. We plan to officially open both stores in the new year. Blood+Bone looks forward to welcoming 2022 with positive vibes and endless summer in mind.

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