From the Design Table to the Store, A Journey of Blood+Bone Products

A Journey of Blood+Bone Contemporary Fashion Products

From the Design Table to the Store, A Journey of Blood+Bone Products

Blood+Bone takes pride in incorporating the storied beauty of Bali into our contemporary fashion products. The journey of our products, from the design table to the store, is a story of its own. From the inception through the production to the moment we hand it to our customers, these products have gone through substantial processes that define Blood+Bone’s characters. From the local aspects, the artistic influence, the ethos of care, to the story-driven approach, our products have gone through a long, enriching journey that has made their identity.

Every Blood+Bone design is inspired by this side of paradise — Bali. Every sketch is a quest to capture the richness of Bali’s art, culture, and nature. Our designer thoroughly seeks inspiration from the daily life on the island — from the beaches to the people. That’s why the designs, the colors, and the patterns in our garments reflect the island’s vibes in detail. Once the design manifested, we begin the search for the most suitable manufacturer and suppliers to bring the design to life. Our design eventually finds a local clothing manufacturer in Bali that understands what Blood+Bone envisions for the final product with excellent attention to detail and the proficiency to execute our signature washes, including the stonewash technique.

We work with local suppliers and the finest garment manufacturers to make sure that our contemporary fashion products are a collective work of people in Bali. With this vision in mind, we try to manifest the spirit of our beloved island. Above all, Blood+Bone always seeks any possible way to give back to the community.

We create samples for every product with each measurement and variation to find the final products that converge our artistic vision and total comfort. We communicate closely with our trusted manufacturers to try and test each sample until we achieve the desired results that will end up in our stores.

In our belief, artistry and convenience should go together in each product. Therefore, the try-and-tested phase is an important step in the product’s journey. Before hitting the packaging process, we conduct a meticulous quality check to ensure every end result is a piece of clothing that not only looks fabulous but also brings total comfort and reflects the image of Bali as we envisage.

Upon creating the perfect sample, we begin manufacturing our contemporary fashion products for good. Each process is supervised closely. Furthermore, some processes have to be done manually and some items have to be handcrafted to preserve our signature flair.

When we hand our product to you, each item will be packaged in a reusable & recyclable poly mailer bag. This kind of packaging is one of our eco-friendly efforts to create a better, greener environment, especially in Bali. After all, this side of paradise is our home and our daily life.

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