Meet Our New Family Member: Blood+Bone Kids

Blood+Bone Kids, a local kids' fashion brand

Meet Our New Family Member: Blood+Bone Kids

In conjunction with World Children’s Day, Blood+Bone announces the upcoming release of our childrenswear collection under the label of Blood+Bone Kids. The local kids’ fashion brand includes wardrobe essentials for kids with designs inspired by the beauty of Bali. The little summer outfits will be available for girls and boys with sizes ranging from age 1 to 8. 

Since 2015, Blood+Bone has delivered summer outfits that balance functionality and aesthetics with versatility. Our contemporary fashion has always been inspired by the beauty of Bali with the people and the culture. This time, we seek to introduce this side of paradise to the little ones and tell them the stories from the Island of Gods.

The idea to launch Blood+Bone Kids was sparked by the vision of inclusivity. Bali is a haven that can be enjoyed by everyone, including families. There are stories for everyone, especially for children. From the gold-sanded beaches of Uluwatu to the lush greenery of Ubud, inspiration can come from anywhere, to anyone, here in Bali.

Blood+Bone Kids arrives as a mini-version of Blood+Bone. This local kids’ fashion brand inherits the core design of Blood+Bone, like a son to a dad or a daughter to a mom. With the childrenswear collection, we are eager to manifest inspirations from this side of paradise into the little side of paradise.

For the launch, Blood+Bone Kids will feature collections of wardrobe essentials that match the best items from the original Blood+Bone rosters. The collection includes playsuits, basic tees, mini-muscles, summer-inspired shorts, and tops. The designs reflect Blood+Bone’s DNA — inspired by Bali and tropical splendors.

The local kids’ fashion brand will be officially launched at the end of 2021. Upon the official release, the products will be available in stores and online. Blood+Bone Kids will also be available on Instagram with the official handle @bloodnbonekids. Stay tuned to our website and our social media platforms for more information.

Blood+Bone Kids, our local kids' fashion brand

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